Bell’s Christmas Tree Farm

New Ways to Choose
The Perfect Christmas Tree

It might not be brain surgery to choose a nice Christmas tree, but new findings in neuroscience show ways of picking out a tree that can make everyone in the family happier, including Rover.

A great way to boost the “happiness brain chemical,” serotonin, according to endocrinologist and author Robert Lustig, is by connecting with others—and visiting a local cut-your-own Christmas tree farm with family and friends fits the bill. Bell’s Christmas Trees in Accord is a perfect example. “Folks come here for their tree and you see their cares drop away and their faces light up,” says farmer Gordie Bell. The beautiful tree farm has bright red barns, trees growing in stripes as pretty as gift wrap and a warm cabin dispensing chocolate milk and seems right out of a favorite Christmas movie. Gordie’s son Brian adds, “It becomes one big joyous party here after Thanksgiving, with friends meeting friends and even bringing picnics.” Families make an annual event of it, letting even the youngest take a turn with the saw, and passing around printouts of favorite holiday song lyrics to sing together.

Contributing to others is another proven way raise your serotonin level and increase contentment — and tree farms have found ways to reach out to those in need at a dark and cold time of the year. Bell’s has a colorful annual “Hat and Mitten Tree” Drive, decorating trees with donations of visitors. “Years ago I worked at Family of Woodstock,” explains Gordie’s wife, Paula, “and I’ll never forget the struggles of our neighbors having hard times.” Bell’s also contributes to Trees for Troops, a program that delivers about 17,000 donated trees each year to more than 60 military bases in the U.S. and overseas.

A third essential component of lasting serenity and happiness is vibrant physical health and mindfulness. Getting out in the fresh air and roaming the hillsides to find just the right tree is great exercise for the whole family in a beautiful environment. Picking out a tree together makes it meaningful for everyone. Bell’s has over 24 rolling acres with over ten varieties of trees.

Bell’s Christmas Trees is open every day after Thanksgiving thru Christmas Eve from 9:30am on weekdays, 8:00am on weekends, to sunset (noon on Christmas eve). Well behaved dogs on leashes are welcome. Saws and sleds for trees are available. Complementary hot chocolate is served. Farm-made wreathes and locally made goodies can be found. A local food truck has hot snacks on weekends. The whole Bell family, including Brian’s wife Lori and little Lucas, and a squadron of red-cheeked local youth are on hand to help visitors.


Visitors are encouraged to bring new and nearly new hats, mittens and gloves to decorate trees; they are donated to Family of Ellenville for homeless neighbors. More information can be found about these activities and more at and on the farm’s Facebook page.


647 Mettacahonts Road, Accord, NY • (845) 626-7849

November 20, 2017